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Emotional Intelligence Products by BlueEQTM

The BlueEQTM Assessment

The world’s most valid Emotional Intelligence Test, the BlueEQTM Assessment rates you on 5 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Skills, and 25 EQ Dimensions. The Assessment instantly provides a personal profile of these skills and dimensions in a 34-page summary. Results include our proprietary Heatmap data visualization and personalized action items that you can implement into a plan for sustainable behavioral change.

The BlueEQTM Emotional Intelligence Assessment

PS16TM Assessment

Psychological Safety is by far the most important factor for work teams to accelerate business results. Psychological safety is a workplace climate where teammates can challenge the status quo, take risks, and learn from mistakes without fear of negative professional or interpersonal consequences. PS16TM is a 16-question survey for teammates in any organization to rate the level of psychological safety they feel, and is a crucial assessment to diagnosing problems and creating a productive work culture.

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BlueEQTM Workshops

Attend a Public BlueEQTM Mastery Track Event that combines the best-in-class BlueEQTM Emotional Intelligence Assessment with skill-building exercises, and a 90-day reassessment to measure behavioral change.

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Preview our workshops and on-site trainings with a 45-minute online webinar. Attendees will understand the basics of emotional intelligence and the concepts that are the seeds of behavioral change.

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On-Site Trainings

We take the power of Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety to your location. Attendees spend up to a day in the BlueEQTM Mastery Track which combines the best-in-class BlueEQTM Emotional Intelligence assessment with rigorous and interactive skill-building exercises, and a 90-day reassessment to measure behavioral change. 

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BlueEQTM Certification

Scale the life-changing principles of emotional intelligence in a cost-effective way and become certified to run the BlueEQTM Mastery Track within your own organization.

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